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Quality Policy

Quality & Environmental Policy

The policy of quality
The quality level which a customer demands is kept.
(1) The product which a customer demands is offered.
(2) The product trusted by the customer is offered.
(3) The activity for an improvement is continued.
Environmental Policy at the Kugami Group
We observe the requirements of others which opted for environmental related laws and regulations, an ordinance, and acceptance.
We evaluate an environmental impact for promotion of an environmental preservation important measure subject, set up the environmental purpose and a target, and aim at reduction of an environmental impact.

  (1)  In order to use resources effectively, we promote
reuse of materials and aim at reduction of waste.
(2)  Effective use of a paint and the organic solvent and reduction of waste are planned, and prevention of environmental pollution is planned.
(3)  We promote use of distemper for reduction of the chemical substance used as the reason of an environmental impact.
(4)  We promote saving of electric power for global warming prevention.
(5)  We perform reduction of the amount of the copy paper used in an office, and reduction of wastes.
The environmental purpose and a target are set up and reviewed about the above measure, and it looks again if needed, and aims at a continuous improvement.
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