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Car-Audio Panel

Car-Audio Panel with High-Grade Quality
We have secured each technology of advanced die making, injection moulding,
and paint over many years.Using the technology, an automobile-related plastic component is made and the customer is provided with it.

New processing technology of a mobile phone
and medical equipment

LDS (Laser-Direct-Structuring)

This is the technology which forms an electric circuit by a laser marking and plating processing on the surface of a plastic injection molding article.
This production method can acquire the advantage of a cost cutter, a miniaturization, and a weight saving by adopting as substitution of an electric circuit board, an antenna board, etc.
The process of LDS The product processed by LDS

A different material is fabricated with a double shot injection molding machine, and the waterproofing function of a product is obtained.

Waterproofing mechanism use products
mobile phone
Smart mobile phone
(Back side case part)
Smart mobile phone
(Battery cover)
Smart mobile phone
(Back side case part)

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